ECBB MAKERS. Information on affiliates

Why don’t you earn money by promoting the product of ECBB MAKERS.? Including your ultimate iPhone cover "Palmo" in your own sentences.
ECBB MAKERS. Affiliates will support affiliates at a high rate to innocent rather than general affiliate services.

Ideal to the person

  • Person who has own blog and website
  • Those who have been sending calls with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Those who has an affiliate in hobbies and work

Especially using Apple, especially iPhone 6/6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5, ideal for those who are engaged in related blogs and sites.
Of course, ECBB MAKERS. selling agency also offers banners.

What is affiliate?

Affiliate is horizontal letters, it is hard to understand, but it is like "sales agency".
Post detailed product description and reviews · reputation etc. in the case where the person who reads it leads to purchase, we will pay a certain percentage or a fixed amount of fee (affiliate fee).

Why ECBB MAKERS.’s Affiliates possible to charge a higher rate than other companies?

ECBB MAKERS., is a distributor of Palmo, we are building sites, systems and products by ourselves, and we also produce affiliate systems on our own, it is possible to return to all affiliates without paying extra expense to ASP (affiliate service provider).
After receiving your application, and review by ECBB MAKERS. of this blog and distributor, For those judged to be influential, we will give samples for review. Registration is easily completed through dedicated affiliate site, sales and remuneration can be easily investigated with dedicated account site.
Of course, self-affiliate (returning affiliate fee when purchasing your own) is also OK.
Also, payment is also possible from JPY1,000.

Affiliate alliance application method

Please apply for affiliate registration from the following page.
After reviewing, we will send the review results to you filled in the email address.

[ECBB MAKERS. affiliate registration]

Characteristics of Palmo

  • It is a topic product with excellent functionality and design that won the Good Design Award 2015.
  • Respecting curvaceous beauty of the iPhone's design as much as possible, the ultimate case combining the best functionality, sexy curves and stylish design beauty has been completed. If you take it outside, it stands out.
  • Even on the big screen of the iPhone 6/6 Plus, it can be used with one hand (useful in a train etc.).
  • With a sense of exquisite hold, always stable, safe, secure.
  • Protecting the four corners, the liquid crystal, and the back surface (in the case of dropping to the plane) while tasting the sense of life of the iPhone without destroying the original design and function of the iPhone.
  • Of course, you can use buttons, Lightning port, earphone jack or SIM tray in and out without interference.
  • Unlike other cases, heat does not stay, so the impact on the battery is minimal
  • It is possible to operate while placing it in a slippery place.
  • Since the force does not concentrate in one place of the finger, it is effective also for prevention of textsum damage.
  • Palmo itself is super lightweight and holds your fingers in between, making it easy for one hand to operate. Lifting hands are not tiring, it is effective for text neck / cervical hernia prevention.
  • The way to hold one hand changes, spreading variations of self-taking with one hand.

Affiliate system construction is also available

Why don’t you use an affiliate system customized for yourself ?
ECBB MAKERS. is possible to customize and create the same affiliate system as affiliate for you. Registered affiliate rate change for each affiliate, 2 tier management etc, we have become very convenient to use.

For details, please see the affiliate system introduction page.
[ECBB company Affiliate System]

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