Your company / brand’s original model, you can print the original model for production and sale.

Topic of products and collaboration of the Good Design Award

ECBB MAKERS. Printing for Palmo, original model and printing a variety of products, we accept the creation of a collaboration model. Your company or brand, in collaboration Palmo has gained high praise from various quarters, other companies, will be capable of other brands and differentiated product development. At the same time that also create a collaboration model dedicated original design of the package, it will contribute to the further branding. Also, do the insert name and logo insertion, distribution to customers as a corporate novelty goods, or you can rather than ours to take advantage as a business tool. We also offer simple package for novelty in special price. Both suggestions of this pre-production design proposal, we receive from the production of prototypes, it is also possible to a small lot production. In other bespoke model, licensing model, profit-sharing model, etc., please feel free to contact us.

Bespoke model Case Study

The bespoke model, unlike normal goods which have general distribution, each brand and our company is in consultation, it produced an exclusive special model which was towards the brand, becomes the model of dealings how to get sales. In addition, there is also a role as an OEM production.

・Lafayette【Palmo × Lafayette】

Lafayette is the original line of select shop to tell the state-of-the-art fashion of New York, it was triggered by the Fujisawa Yokohama, which opened in 2003, now expand the "PRIVILEGE" in Tokyo Harajuku and Niigata, it boasts an overwhelming name recognition and brand power. It is an example of collaboration model between Palmo and fashion industry. We are contributing to branding and create original package tailored to the brand image.

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・mita sneakers【Palmo × mita sneakers】

Various projects starting from the collaboration model of the National Sports Brand, the traditional sneaker shop to expand the dissemination scandal to the axis, proposal-based sneaker shop mita sneakers set up three stores in Tokyo / Ueno. In addition to the modern reconstruction was an icon of the collaboration & bespoke model that embodies bursting a variety of sneaker culture, same shop to propose a contemporary sneaker style in-line of the select through the filter of the mita sneakers, ECBB MAKERS released a collaboration model in Palmo bespoke model with mita sneakers in 2016 Autumn.

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Licensing Model Case Study

The license model, ECBB MAKERS. Performs a contract with each brand, in the form payment of the license fee to the brand, dealings becomes how it is possible to sell contracted brand of products as ECBB MAKERS.

・Tsuburaya-production Ltd. Palmo x Ultraman

Tsuburaya Productions Ltd. product a national hero "Ultraman" and Palmo official collaboration model "Palmo x Ultraman". Released as Ultraman series broadcast start 50 anniversary, it released a original design package which is based on red completely. We are handling Ultraman fan gather even in "Ultraman SHOP". In addition, this product is donating a portion of sales to Ultraman fund, now it continues to support the children and the future of our children.

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Professional baseball team "Yokohama DeNA BayStars" and collaboration model of the Palmo "Yokohama DeNA BayStars × Palmo". Yokohama DeNA BayStars model finished a team color in the custom-made blue, the package is a completely original design. If you registered in BayStars, you can take the offical products in "Yokohama DeNA BayStars or we are handling the Web shop of BayStars official shop. DeNA BayStars owner namba tomomi is also patronage this.

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Profit-sharing model Case Study

The profit-sharing model is ECBBMAKERS. and individual subscribers, corporation subscribers, brands subscribers, to produce one of the original model. Dealings becomes how to share the sales profit in accordance with the sales performance.

・Yoshihiro Sato【Palmo × Yoshihiro Sato】

Kick Boxing world's fourth of the class champion Yoshihiro Sato's produce kickboxing Fitness Gym [Nagoya JK Fitness BRAVE HEART] collaboration model. In addition, Mr. Sato to the fitness gym, he also haunted to soccer player Keisuke Honda, [Brht osteopathic Institute] has attracted attention as an Osteopathic Council by producing the first professional athlete industry. Mr. Sato made you to use Palmo, and health effects of smart phone use, such as a demonstration experiment for the mitigation Palmo use, he also helped us in the development of Palmo.

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Companies novelty model Case Study

The company novelty model is ECBB MAKERS., to make your original products dedicated to each individual customers and the corporation with an inexpensive price, rather than selling products, events and campaigns, as goods within the company, we receive the distribution, it becomes a commodity production form.

・JIRO’s Co.

The import and sale of construction tools as novelty goods of Jirozu Co. Ltd., the business of Palmo the original model which was placed in the company logo and the site address has been introduced. Distribution to existing customers, also it has been used as a sales tool. We gained a good reputation in that became a functionally high affinity novelty goods that iPhone can one-handed operation goods at construction site.

Local Government PR Model

The local government PR model is a bespoke model made under the recognition as "authorized selling business" to develop products, local revitalization, PR etc. using official characters in various places.

・Kumamoto prefecture PR mascot character Kumamon 【Palmo Kumamon version】

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, the popular mascot character "Kumamon" after winning the Yuru Character Grand Prix in 2011, it continues to be loved by many people nowadays. Designed such "Kumamon" for "Palmo Kumamon version. This model which is the highest cute in the history of Palmo, if you purchase from this site as the Kumamoto earthquake reconstruction support model occurred in 2016, 1,000 yen will be donated to the Kumamon donation box through "FOR KUMAMOTO PROJECT".

Kumamoto prefecture PR operator registration number:事02008-0
Kumamon use permission number:©2010kumamoto pref. kumamon#K23420

Collaboration model creation in the small lot (about 10 ~) is also possible without any problems. Your budget and what model is suitable? Such as, if you can consult, optimal suggestions (free design proposal, including sample provided), you will be maximum cooperation to the business realization with your esteemed.

At any time, please feel free to inform us if you want to consultation, please contact us.

We will present the Palmo for free to all who have consultation with us! Please feel free to contact us.

Print Palmo, model print

Print on Palmo, printing is possible.Work is possible to spread the width of the design. This variety of uses, realize a model. Bespoke model, license model, joint business development and professional fit share model, such as between bespoke and license, company novelty models, for more information, along with the specific case studies for each model, please refer to the detailed page.

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Palmo for corporation, introduce School corporation

Company use iPhone, company use iPad, use in the event, in education.Fall prevention, protection performance of American Force certification, business promotion, cost reduction, ensuring safety of students, it brings a variety of effects. Along with the case, please refer to the detailed page.

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Domestic sales agency

In our company, in terms of you to sell our products, the maximum, the first time to give our suppliers without risk, we have been the normal manufacturer more suggestions. Depending on the risk and return, we offer the main dealing form that is purchase, consignment and affiliate. Each of the description, now more than 300 domestic stores in popularity, our handling include your store introduction, for more information, please refer to the detailed page.

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Overseas sales agency

In our company, in addition to Japan, we have been made the sale in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. In the end of the year, we have been scheduled the sale in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Even in the sales countries, or not in sales countries, which country does not have an exclusive contract. Including the above-mentioned, collaboration is possible without a problem in any country. Based on the case, such as transaction form, please refer to the detailed page.

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