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Information on overseas distributors and collaborations

ECBB MAKERS. is also expanding overseas with deployment in Japan. Palmo and other products are planned to be sold in other countries, and at this time we are selling in the US, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan. In others, companies that have local sales networks in other countries, companies that are considering collaboration, individuals, please feel free to contact us. There is no exclusive contract in any country. Regarding deal type, we will respond flexibly to each company, each individual, so first, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Examples of overseas deployment

Hong Kong city’super&LOG-ON

Popular shop "city'super" and "LOG-ON" in Hong Kong. Both of them are popular grocery stores in Hong Kong where there are no strangers.
Palmo's handling started in a fashionable shop crowded with many customers every day.
Also, the certification seal of "AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR" by ECBB MAKERS. Is also affixed, you can purchase with confidence.

Hong Kong Good Design Store

Good design store is developed by Japan's JDP (Japan Design Fund Association), there are 3 stores in Hong Kong and 1 store in Bangkok Thailand, these stores that sells awarded products in Japan's Good Design Award for overseas. In Hong Kong, the first store in Central PMQ was established, and after that it has expanded to three stores including Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay.
Palmo is selling at all three good design stores in Hong Kong. Good design store all shops interiors of Hong Kong are made by specialized designers and combined with the award-winning products sold make a very nice finish. It can be said that stores and products are integrated and "Good Design" has become exactly right.

ECBB MAKERS., a manufacturer and distributor of Palmo, it bases in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, these overseas bases and the Tokyo head office work together to promote the manufacturing of Palmo and other manufacturing machines. Under such circumstances, people who live in Hong Kong or visiting Hong Kong frequently, we had many inquiries about whether Palmo can not be bought in Hong Kong. Amid such circumstances, I visited the Good Design Store in Hong Kong and I was very pleased that you also enjoyed Palmo for the staff's management.

Thailand Good Design Store

In the same development at Hong Kong Good Design Store, we also sell it in Thailand’s capital Bangkok. It is the first Thailand store that started display on Palmo in Thailand. Receiving a message from the store Palmo recorded a bestseller after the start of handling in 2016.
When visiting Bangkok, please go to the Good Design Store Bangkok store.

Thailand Check It Out

Palmo's handling started also in "Check It Out" handling stylish gadgets and miscellaneous goods in Thailand.
In this shop that is accepted by Thai people who are sensitive to trends, you can meet nice items that you cannot find on other occasions.
You can also find a nice souvenir that will be pleased in Japan, so please come and take a look.

Thailand LoFt MEGA bANGANA

We are selling Palmo in LoFt, Thailand, it located in the huge shopping mall (Megastores) near the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok suburb.
Weekends are overflowing with locals in Thailand. When visiting Thailand for sightseeing and business, please visit us for souvenirs and shopping.

Thailand LoFt Paraside Park

Palmo is also handled in "LoFt" in the large shopping center "Paradise Park" in Bangkok.
This shopping center where you can spare time without forgetting time attracts, attention not only from Thailand’s people and other countries.

Thailand B2S Central Chidlom

Central Chidlom is a stylish department store with a modern atmosphere in Bangkok.
Palmo is also handled in Thailand's leading bookstore "B2S" which is opened in that department store.

Thailand B2S Crystal Park

B2S in the shopping mall "Crystal Park" and it located in Bangkok suburb. You can purchase Palmo at "B2S".
Please visit the store when you are nearby. Crystal Park.

Thailand B2S East Ville

Shopping center "East Ville" which opened in 2015 on Paddit Manu Term street in eastern Bangkok
"B2S" is a wonderful shop with a fashionable atmosphere. Palmo is also handled in「East Ville」.

Thailand Bangkok Isetan

A major department store representing Japan, "Isetan" located in 5 minutes on foot from Sukhumvit Line Chidlom Station.
The luxurious feel like that Japan is attracting Thailand’s people who are crowded with the Japanese boom.
Palmo is handled in such a luxurious space, and it is sold majestically.

Thailand Tokyu

Tokyu located in Paradise Park in the eastern suburb of Thailand Bangkok. Although it is a Japanese department store located as the largest department store in Japan, Palmo is handled in Tokyu.
It is a spot where familiarity is felt for Japanese people, there is a retro atmosphere like a Japanese department store a longtime ago.

Taiwan friDay shopping

Palmo is also on sale at the rapidly growing shopping mall "friDay shopping" operated by Far EasTone, one of Taiwan's three major carriers.
It is a FET that everyone knows about people who have been involved in Taiwan, but NTT DoCoMo is financed and a deeply related company in Japan.
ECBB MAKERS. will continue to advance in the future for Taiwan, which is also famous as a national parent country.

We plan to start with our own Internet commerce base in the United States, the UK, Germany, France, so please inquire rapidly.
In this case, each transaction type is different. Depending on the country, some countries can also expand from small lots. Sample provision is also possible.

At any time, please feel free to inform us if you want to consultation, please contact us.

We will present the Palmo for free to all who have consultation with us! Please feel free to contact us.

Print Palmo, model print

Print on Palmo, printing is possible.Work is possible to spread the width of the design. This variety of uses, realize a model. Bespoke model, license model, joint business development and professional fit share model, such as between bespoke and license, company novelty models, for more information, along with the specific case studies for each model, please refer to the detailed page.

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Palmo for corporation, introduce School corporation

Company use iPhone, company use iPad, use in the event, in education.Fall prevention, protection performance of American Force certification, business promotion, cost reduction, ensuring safety of students, it brings a variety of effects. Along with the case, please refer to the detailed page.

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Domestic sales agency

In our company, in terms of you to sell our products, the maximum, the first time to give our suppliers without risk, we have been the normal manufacturer more suggestions. Depending on the risk and return, we offer the main dealing form that is purchase, consignment and affiliate. Each of the description, now more than 300 domestic stores in popularity, our handling include your store introduction, for more information, please refer to the detailed page.

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Overseas sales agency

In our company, in addition to Japan, we have been made the sale in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. In the end of the year, we have been scheduled the sale in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Even in the sales countries, or not in sales countries, which country does not have an exclusive contract. Including the above-mentioned, collaboration is possible without a problem in any country. Based on the case, such as transaction form, please refer to the detailed page.

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