Efficiency of operations, improvement of productivity, reduction of profit loss can be expected.

With superior functionality, firmly support business, the field of education.

Business, offers a product of ECBB MAKERS. As a tool to support the education. Enterprise corporation, regarding the case of the introduction of use for educational institutions, put in place names and logos, special price without package, special prices due to mass introduction, academic pack, are available. Delivery destination is also distributed in several places, deliver to the specified time to the exhibition hall, it can flexible correspondence. Please feel free to contact us.

Corporation use of Palmo

In recent years, smart phones and tablet terminals, due to its high functionality, has become an essential item in the business, including sales positions. Using the Palmo with their terminal, one hand in the operability is increased, the efficiency of operations, and contribute to the improvement of productivity. In addition, it helps to fall prevention, repair cost and time of a mobile terminal, disruption to opportunity loss and business due to sudden business stop, it can be expected to contribute to the reduction of the profit loss that occurs every year.

In addition, we have introduced the promotion in educational institutions such as schools not only companies. With the digitization of teaching material, including e-books in the educational institutions, use the case of tablets has been steadily increasing. In such an environment, the introduction of the Palmo, lowering the load on the body of the terminal use, you can focus on the original purpose of learning, etc. In addition, it is possible to pre-reduce the risk of damage due to falling of the terminal, to prevent harm to the human body due to falling. From the corporation who introduced so far, company iPhone, the failure rate of the company iPad becomes almost zero by Palmo, itself is no longer able to fall. It came to be able to reduce the unnecessary repair expenses. We have gotten the praise. Try using all means once sample.

Get the United States Department of Defense drop test pass impact-protection performance military standard

Palmo has passed the test of the MIL-STD-810 Method 516.6, the United States Department of Defense (abbreviation DoD, alias Pentagon) of-determined MIL standard, it is the iPhone case that was found. It also firmly guard the terminal body at the time of any chance in falling. So we have to clear the standards of the United States Army at the drop test, please do not worry.

Case Study

・Scope Co., Ltd.http://www.scope-inc.co.jp/

Scope Co., Ltd. like is a company of comprehensive advertising business with a focus on sales promotion advertising.
Scope Co., Ltd. has adopted the iPhone as a business tool, we have introduced a Palmo to all employees for protective case.
In the field of rapid and resourceful response that the advertising industry is required, the stabilization of the business by Palmo, we are contributing to efficiency.

・Palmo for iPad mini introduction in the exhibition.

In recent years, for the visitor bidder at the exhibition, we have seen many scene that iPad (tablet) is used in the business description, etc. Such a time, it did not dropped, stable, Palmo for All iPad mini that can use the iPad in one hand, there is also case studies of a few hundred units toward companies. In fact, I have used the Palmo cover in the entire exhibition hall, damaged by falling prevention effect becomes 0. We also received your word. Smart to manipulate ease, the big screen with one hand, enhance the value of a businessman, it has been found useful to very many people. Palmo introduction costs compared to the repair price is inexpensive, we have a contribution to cost savings of users everyone.

Volume, lot, optimal model, color, etc., it can be completely different significant lot discount to the price in BtoC.

Feel free to have consultation at any time, please contact us!

At any time, please feel free to inform us if you want to consultation, please contact us.

We will present the Palmo for free to all who have consultation with us! Please feel free to contact us.

Print Palmo, model print

Print on Palmo, printing is possible.Work is possible to spread the width of the design. This variety of uses, realize a model. Bespoke model, license model, joint business development and professional fit share model, such as between bespoke and license, company novelty models, for more information, along with the specific case studies for each model, please refer to the detailed page.

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Palmo for corporation, introduce School corporation

Company use iPhone, company use iPad, use in the event, in education.Fall prevention, protection performance of American Force certification, business promotion, cost reduction, ensuring safety of students, it brings a variety of effects. Along with the case, please refer to the detailed page.

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Domestic sales agency

In our company, in terms of you to sell our products, the maximum, the first time to give our suppliers without risk, we have been the normal manufacturer more suggestions. Depending on the risk and return, we offer the main dealing form that is purchase, consignment and affiliate. Each of the description, now more than 300 domestic stores in popularity, our handling include your store introduction, for more information, please refer to the detailed page.

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Overseas sales agency

In our company, in addition to Japan, we have been made the sale in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. In the end of the year, we have been scheduled the sale in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Even in the sales countries, or not in sales countries, which country does not have an exclusive contract. Including the above-mentioned, collaboration is possible without a problem in any country. Based on the case, such as transaction form, please refer to the detailed page.

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