ECBB MAKERS. has been involved in Web solutions and EC site construction since 1999, and they are known as the “Makers” business of ECBB Inc. in Tokyo’s Shibuya Sendagaya.

ECBB branched out into Hong Kong in 2011, and in 2012 constructed a base in Shenzhen where production began that same year.

At ECBB MAKERS. we use the experience and know-how that we’ve gained to involve ourselves in original product design and planning, development, production, and sales.

We place a great deal of importance on “design.”

We want to make things that are not commodities.

Such items enrich our lifestyles.

Such items bring color to our lives.

That is our philosophy.

Our goal is to create 100 products.

Also, ECBB creates web applications and applications for iPhone and Android in Bangladesh.
Our Bangladesh off-shore system development group has been going for almost 10 years, so the team is experienced.

Planning, design, and direction are carried out in Japan, production occurs at our factory in China, and application development takes place in Bangladesh.

IoT = The Internet of Things.

We want to incorporate this.

We want to sell the original products that we create in Japan, the US, China, and throughout as much of the world as possible.

Also, at ECBB MAKERS. , we want to provide solutions that will support everyone’s ability to make things.

Things that cannot be accomplished with a 3D printer.
Preparation of metal molds, or sample creation.

Etc., etc.

At this time we would like to announce the release of our first original product, the “Palmo.”

Active projects