Company, corporation this way

Print Palmo, model print

Print on Palmo, printing is possible.Work is possible to spread the width of the design. This variety of uses, realize a model. Bespoke model, license model, joint business development and professional fit share model, such as between bespoke and license, company novelty models, for more information, along with the specific case studies for each model, please refer to the detailed page.

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Palmo for corporation, introduce School corporation

Company use iPhone, company use iPad, use in the event, in education.Fall prevention, protection performance of American Force certification, business promotion, cost reduction, ensuring safety of students, it brings a variety of effects. Along with the case, please refer to the detailed page.

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Domestic sales agency

In our company, in terms of you to sell our products, the maximum, the first time to give our suppliers without risk, we have been the normal manufacturer more suggestions. Depending on the risk and return, we offer the main dealing form that is purchase, consignment and affiliate. Each of the description, now more than 300 domestic stores in popularity, our handling include your store introduction, for more information, please refer to the detailed page.

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Overseas sales agency

In our company, in addition to Japan, we have been made the sale in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. In the end of the year, we have been scheduled the sale in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Even in the sales countries, or not in sales countries, which country does not have an exclusive contract. Including the above-mentioned, collaboration is possible without a problem in any country. Based on the case, such as transaction form, please refer to the detailed page.

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『ECBB MAKERS. will provide a new opportunity
toward companies that want to expand their business. 』

ECBB MAKERS. is a Web solutions company since 1999, it has been carried out the EC site construction.
ECBB Co., Ltd. is the designation of Makers business, which is in Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo. Since its inception in 2015, it has worked in the planning of the original product, design, development, manufacturing and sale.
It is the first product called "Palmo", it won the Good Design Award 2015, many celebrities has been used, it has become a topic of popular products in a number of media such as television and the Web. Armed with excellent original product to the design and functionality, towards the companies and corporations around the world, introduced as a business tool, in wholesale distribution, collaboration, etc. We will make proposals of business in a variety of ways

2017 The world's highest design award "Red dot design award"

reddot award 2017 "Palmo" pursuing ultimate design and functionality won the 2017 "red dot design award" which is said to be the world's highest design award.
A prominent designer representing the world became a judge and passed the judgment based on strict arbitration criteria, which proved that its design ability was recognized not only in Japan but also worldwide.

2015 Japan's best design award "Good Design Award"

Palmo ECBB Co., Ltd. launched its first product "Palmo" in 2015 and received the Good Design Award of the same year.
This award is a "comprehensive design recommendation system" sponsored by the Japan Design Promotion Organization, a public benefit foundation aimed at leading our lives to industries and society as a whole more prosperous.
In the future, ECBB MAKERS. will continue to make things that are not commodities, enriching our lives.

The United States Department of Defense (Pentagon) drop test passImpact-protection performance
US Army Military standard acquisition

耐衝撃・保護性能 米軍ミリタリー規格取得 Palmo compared to the rugged iPhone case, it was easy to be no anxiety from the stylish impact. However, this time US military MIL standard acquisition of the impact resistance has been proven that the United States Department of Defense of endorsement. Palmo does not depend on the terrain and the weather, mil spec that it is proven to survive the harsh environment of the military.

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