reddot award 2017 winner GOOD DESIGN WARD 2015 MIL
Various projects starting from a collaboration model with the National Sports Brand, proposal type sneakers shop that has 3 shops in Ueno Tokyo, spreading out with distinctive sending from the conventional sneaker shop mita sneakers. In addition to contemporary reconstruction with icons and collaboration & bespoke models embodying various sneakers culture, with the same shop that proposes contemporary sneaker style with inline select through "mita sneakers" filter, ECBB MAKERS. 's Palmo collaboration model has released.

It is an icon of "mita sneakers" as a proof of the official collaboration to "Palmo" unified with black (CHAIN LINK FENCE), silicone print is applied to the whole surface, and the logo of "mita sneakers" is arranged at the bottom of the body.

Cool Collaboration
Among numerous sneaker shops, mita sneakers and Palmo by ECBB MAKERS handle only sophisticated shoes. Miraculous collaboration is partners of different industries collided design sense and know-how accumulated so far. Please take it in the hand and feel the sympathy born from there. mita sneakers
2F Ameyoko center building 4-7-8 Ueno taitou-ku Tokyo
Limited release at the above address
We will expand to 3 mita sneakers stores in Ameyoko Center Building in the future, we will expand to all stores.

mita sneakers Creative Director
Kunii ShigeyukiProduce Design
Regardless of domestic and overseas, it continues to draw attention from many sneakers freaks 「mita sneakers」 It is a well-known fact that the existence of "Kunii Shigeyuki" can not be missed as its driving force.
A small shop born in Ueno evolved into a frenzy of sneaker mania all over the world by his sense. His sense continuing to lead mitasneakers as a creative director continues to be polished without knowing where to stay forever
Originally, as a user of Palmo, this collaboration was realized with a trick. Excellent balance of functionality and design, Palmo is an innovative and practical product that meets gadget love requirements, it features a functional design designed precisely to support the iPhone even with one finger designed precisely, comfortable operation with one hand. Also passed the US Department of Defense drop test, also got US military MIL standards, high-quality silicone material with anti-dust processing absorbs shocks, it is safe even when I fall it.
In this collaboration version, express the mita sneakers logo and the CHAIN LINK FENCE of the icon with a special silicone print of the same color, with finishing to the minimum, it will not damage the original functional beauty, it tried harmonizing with the original design of the iPhone. We think that your Palmo iPhone case is a product of a gem which pushes it up to the next level gadget.

Ease with one hand, always stable, safe and secure

One finger to prevent falling
Ease with one hand
Guard four corners
  • Easy to use with e-books and
    watching video with one hand
  • Safely protect the protruding
    camera lens
  • Hold securely with
    any holders
  • Reduce stress to the body
    such as fingers, neck, back
  • iPhone optimized
Design Awards history
The world's highest design award "Red dot design award"
Japan's best design award "Good Design Award" it wins in two award

The world's highest design award "Red dot design award"

"Palmo" pursuing ultimate design and functionality won the 2017 "red dot design award" which is said to be the world's highest design award.
 A prominent designer representing the world became a judge and passed the judgment based on strict arbitration criteria, which proved that its design ability was recognized not only in Japan but also worldwide.

Japan's best design award "Good Design Award"

ECBB Co., Ltd. launched its first product "Palmo" in 2015 and received the Good Design Award of the same year.
This award is a "comprehensive design recommendation system" sponsored by the Japan Design Promotion Organization, a public benefit foundation aimed at leading our lives to industries and society as a whole more prosperous. In the future, ECBB MAKERS. will continue to make things that are not commodities, enriching our lives.

Customer's voice

We introduce the voice of the people who were using Palmo x mita sneakers
Many celebrities are patronizing to Palmo x mita sneakers

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Online Special price

Online Special price

Online Special price
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Foldable JP

Mobile Multi-Porch & Drink Holder 「#2GO」

Palmo for iPhoneXS/X Black

Palmo for iPhoneXS

Palmo GL for iPhoneXS CAMEL

Palmo GL for iPhone XS/X

Foldable JP

Sekka-shibori(Kurotani Washi)

Palmo【専用】ディスプレイ保護フィルム for iPhoneX

Palmo【Specialized】Screen Protector Film for iPhoneXS/X

Palmo for iPad Air/Air2/Pro 9.7 Black

Palmo for iPad

【March release soon!】Palmo for iPad Pro 12.9 Black

Palmo for iPad

Palmo×Dr.X model

Palmo Doctor-X Model

Palmo KUMAMON .ver for iPhone7 Black

Palmo Kumamon ver(Black)

Palmo x mita sneakers for iPhone7 Black

Palmo x mita sneakers(Black)

Palmo×Ultraman (Spacium ver.) for iPhone6s/6 White

Palmo x ULTRAMAN (White)
More Colors, 7/7P/6/6P

Palmo for iPhone7 Black

Palmo (Black)
More colors,7/7P

Palmo for iPhone6 White

Palmo (White)

Palmo for iPhone6 Black

Palmo (Black)

Palmo for iPhone6 Red

Palmo (Red)

Palmo for iPhone6 Yellow

Palmo (Yellow)

Palmo for iPhone6 Pink

Palmo (Pink)

Palmo for iPhone6 Light Pink

Palmo (Light Pink)

Palmo for iPhone6 Blue

Palmo (Blue)

Palmo for iPhone6 Green

Palmo (Green)

Palmo GiD for iPhone6

Palmo GiD

Black light for Palmo GiD

Palmo x Lafayette for iPhone6 White

Palmo x Lafayette (White)

Palmo x BRAVE HEART for iPhone6 Black

Palmo x BRAVE HEART (Black)
More Colors, 8/8P/7/7P/6/6P

Palmo x BAYSTARS for iPhone6 Blue

Palmo x BAYSTARS (Blue)

Palmo for All iPad mini, 1/2/3/4. Black

Palmo for All iPad mini Black

Palmo for All iPad mini, 1/2/3/4. White

Palmo for All iPad mini White